Education Programs


The Baum Foundation’s Education Programs serve to increase human potential through support of the arts and the environment as a Catalyst and Inspiration, and with an emphasis on Social Justice, allowing individuals, groups and partners to transform themselves through learning.

Featured Koolinary Programs



The Baum Foundation supported Koolinary, whose program focused on raising awareness of the importance of using local and sustainable ingredients in cooking for a healthy lifestyle and environment. Read more»

Moscow America Music

Moscow to America Classical Music Study Program

The Baum Foundation created the Moscow to America Classical Music Study Program at the Aspen Music Festival and Schools to expand the artistic and professional development of promising students from leading Moscow music conservatories. Read more»

Children's Painting Competition

San Francisco Department of the Environment Children’s Painting Competition

Coinciding with World Environment Day, the San Francisco Department of the Environment, annually sponsors an art contest for grades K-12 to encourage children to creatively communicate their perspectives on environmental issues. Read more»

Music Education for Girls and Young Women

The Baum Foundation provided a grant and contributed marketing and public relations expertise for two years to support the capital campaign for the purchase of The San Francisco Girls Chorus’ permanent home, The Kanbar Performing Arts Center. Read more»

Zuka Children

Building Infrastructure in Rural Communities

Supporting access to education and clean water, the Baum Foundation provided a grant to support the Africa Foundation to build classrooms (2005) at the Mavuso School, as well as a kitchen where daily meals can be prepared for a thousand youth. Read more»

Oil on Ice

Oil on Ice is a television documentary/Web DVD, released in 2004 in collaboration with Sierra Club Productions. The film tells the story of the largest wildlife refuge in the United States and the native people whose survival depends on it. Read more»

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