A Sheltered Sea – Part I of the MLPA Film Series

Educating the Public about the Marine Life Protection Act – California 2009

Learning About Our Marine Ecosystems.

Learning About Our Marine Ecosystems.

Winner for best Ocean Conservation film at the 2009 Blue Ocean Film Festival, A Sheltered Sea illuminates the pioneering conservation action of the marine life protection act as it creates the first statewide network of marine protected areas in the United States. Directed by Bill Bayne and Produced by The Baum Foundation, A Sheltered Sea was the first film of its kind in Northern California, to tell the Marine Life Protection Act story as it was unfolding.


As a forward looking response to long-term overfishing and new pressures from pollution and climate change, the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative brought together diverse stakeholders—fishermen, conservationists, government, divers, scientists, and ocean-loving citizens—in a sometimes explosive process to set aside marine refuges akin to our country’s national parks. Livelihoods, the future of marine species, and coastal access hung in the balance, awaiting the outcome.

The film explains why everyone holds a genuine stake in the decision making process and explained how people can participate in this historic effort to conserve California’s ocean as a public trust.

Watch the trailer below or click to view the full 23-minute film of A Sheltered Sea.

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