Building Infrastructure in Rural Communities

Access to Education and Clean Water – Africa 2005

Zuak Children at School.

Zuak Children at School.

The lack of resources in many rural communities in South Africa means that many people do not have access to the basic needs of life, such as education, adequate food, clean water, and health care.

The Baum Foundation provided a grant to support the Africa Foundation to build classrooms (2005) at the Mavuso School, as well as a kitchen where daily meals can be prepared for a thousand youth. A day care center was also constructed for children who are three to five years of age, and whose families are farm workers. The Africa Foundation built the Mduku Clinic, the first health clinic in this remote area. The Mduku Clinic services approximately 11,000 rural people. Two hundred people line up each morning to receive care for all kinds of health concerns, including HIV/AIDS.

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