Featured Bella Gaia at the American Natural History Museum, NY Programs

Champions of the Earth Logo

Bella Gaia at the American Natural History Museum, NY

BELLA GAIA performance at UNEP’s Champions of the Earth award ceremony honors men and women whose actions and leadership have made a positive impact on the environment, September 18. Read more»

“Hotspots to Hopespots” Film Opens Portland’s Innovation Celebration

BELLA GAIA and UNEP’s collaboration, “Hotspots to Hopespots”, directed by Kenji Williams, will be featured at the city of Portland’s World Environment Day Innovation Celebration June 6, 2013. Read more»

Astronaut Dr. MaeJemison

Food Waste Workshop Features “Hotspots to Hopespots” Film

Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison to tackle food waste issues at a youth workshop that features a live performance of BELLA GAIA June 5, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Read more»

22nd International Children's Painting Competition

Premiering BELLA GAIA “Hotspots to Hopespots”

Premiere of BELLA GAIA & UNEP Multimedia Presentation “Hotspots to Hopespots” at UNEP’s International Children’s Painting Competition June 4, 2013. Read more»

Lynn Cheatham guides students at the Bolinas-Stinson Beach School in mindfulness. One goal is to increase empathy and reduce bullying. Photo by Susana Bates, Special To The Chronicle.

Room to Breathe In the News

“Room to Breathe” documentary shares “mindfulness techniques” to reduce bullying and increase focus. Read more»

The International Space Station on the Horizon.

BELLA GAIA Streaming Live for Earth Day

See BELLA GAIA’s performance at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center of “Beautiful Earth” a musical and visual tour of Earth from space. April 22, 2013 at 12pm EST. Read more»

Neurons in a mouse brain on the left and a simulated image of the universe.

9th Annual Evening of Hope Featuring BELLA GAIA

See BELLA GAIA’s inspiring music and dance performances against a backdrop of new visualizations of Earth from space April 18, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri. Read more»

BELLA GAIA: Orgin Stories of Japan.

BELLA GAIA: Origin Stories of Japan

New BELLA GAIA episode — Awe-Inspiring Multimedia Live Concert, fusing an ancient Japanese orchestra, Buddhist chants, and stunning projections of NASA imagery of Earth from Space. Read more»

Practicing mindfulness.

“Room to Breathe” Wins Film Awards

Learn about the awards that “Room to Breathe” has won and about upcoming screenings. Read more»

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