Youth Meet Marine Science Mentors @ 2014 BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Students and Marine Science Mentors Talk Ocean “Dream Careers”


Marine Scientist Danni Washington (right) and Catherine Orman exploring coral reefs near the coast of Papua New Guinea. Photo: Tom Campbell

Ocean GEMS pioneers a new digital forum series set to debut their first Live Hangout November 7, 2014 at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.  To create an engaging and informative conversation, Ocean GEMS has designed a two-way interactive format that will allow marine science mentors to share their career paths while youth in the audience from the United States and Canada to gather insight about how emerging scientists are working to solve the ocean’s biggest challenges today. The forum includes special Q&A sessions connecting with students from the Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA), a rural school in Montana, an inland community in Denver, CO and a middle school class in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Deni Ramirez and Danni Washington swim with whale shark off the coast of Mexico. Photo: Beth Davidow

Many kids dream of being marine scientists, but as they grow older those dreams get left behind because role models and mentors in those careers aren’t readily available or are out of reach.  As the need for solving ocean issues grows increasingly urgent, so is the imperative for young people to become marine scientists.  In a unique live setting at the Blue Ocean Film Festival hundreds of youth in the audience and hundreds more patching in via Google Hangouts On Air will have a chance to discuss their dreams to become a marine scientist with mentors and leading role models. The project was conceived of by Ocean GEMS with a simple goal of connecting youth to role models and mentors using all the tools at hand today including video stories of their mentors, digital outreach, and live events where youth can learn about ways to make good career choices in marine science. Watch the highlights below:

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