New Reef Resilience Webinar with Chloe Harvey on Green Fins


The Reef Resilience Network is a partnership effort led by The Nature Conservancy to better address the local impacts on coral reefs from climate change and other stressors.

Reef Resilience will be hosting a Webinar on February 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Join Chloe Harvey of Reef-World to learn about Green Fins, a public-private partnership developed by UNEP and The Reef-World Foundation that leads to a measurable reduction in negative environmental impacts associated with SCUBA diving and snorkeling. This webinar will provide information on the Green Fins approach and highlight newly released tools for managers.

The Reef Resilience Program, a partnership effort of The Nature Conservancy, provides vital resources to reef managers and practitioners around the world.  The Reef Resilience Program encompasses the latest cutting-edge scientific information on coral reefs, online training modules, in person trainings, and an online interactive forum to support reef managers around the world in successfully addressing local impacts on coral reefs from climate change and other stressors.

In 2001, The Baum Foundation began providing critical support for The Reef Resilience, a project of TNC led my Dr. Rod Salm. The Baum Foundation has continued its support of this project through funding of reef assessments by Dr. Salm and distribution of their results of the data analysis.  In 2012, The Baum Foundation provided further support for an assessment of the Palau region.

Read more about the Reef Resilience Program and watch their latest webinars.

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