BELLA GAIA – a Smash!

Two Incredible Performances at the Sonoma International Film Festival

Kenji Williams Performing BELLA GAIA.

Kenji Williams Performing BELLA GAIA.

The Baum Foundation was proud to sponsor two performances of BELLA GAIA at the 15th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival April 13-14, 2012.

Kenji said of the festival, “I had an incredible experience. With both shows nearly sold out, everywhere I turned, people greeted me with enthusiasm about BELLA GAIA. They all had seen it, or knew of it, and were all positive and warm.”


The Baum Foundation was able to have a real impact with BELLA GAIA at the Sonoma International Film Festival. Two incredible outcomes were that:

  • By working with SIFF we were able to get over 100 underserved youth and families to the two performances.
  • An enthusiastic viewer wrote to us and wants to arrange a return screening and is volunteering to write complementary curriculum to BELLA GAIA for his students.

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