The Southern Passage – Part II of the MLPA Film Series

Educating the Public about the Marine Life Protection Act – California 2010

Leaving an Ocean Legacy.

Leaving an Ocean Legacy.

Directed by Bill Bayne, and Produced by The Baum Foundation, The Southern Passage, is a 25-minute documentary that tells the story of Southern Californians hashing out the details of creating a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) from Point Conception to Mexico as part of the Marine Life Protection Act.

Model and conservationist Lauren Hutton and iconic surfer Rob Machado provide insight into the issues along side hosts of scientists and hardworking fishermen.


The Southern Passage depicts people from every walk of life contributing to the ultimate decision regarding the boundaries of these underwater “parks” in Southern California.

The film illustrates the complexities and emotions raised in the process of creating marine protected areas that will protect and sustain our marine ecosystems while maintaining jobs and supporting the California economy. The Southern Passage speaks to the importance of California setting aside these “Yosemites of the Sea” as our ocean heritage for future generations to enjoy.”

Watch the trailer below or click to view the full 25-minute film of The Southern Passage.

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