Presidential Climate Action Project

Expediting America’s Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

PCAP - offering climate change solutions.

PCAP – offering climate change solutions.

The Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) aims to leverage the existing traction it has achieved over 6 years to further work toward the goal of expediting America’s transition to a clean energy economy creating a safer, more prosperous and healthy future for all.

With the help of over 200 leading Americans and hundreds of NGOs, PCAP created an updated concise peer‐reviewed action plan for the President of the United States, focused on global climate change and closely related national security and energy issues.

The plan recommended policy and programmatic initiatives the 45th President and his Administration could implement under current executive authorities, without further action by Congress. PCAP made the plan public on October 1, 2012, to focus election attention on climate change issues and the leadership team presented the plan to the President elect’s transition team in December 2012. PCAP continues to work with groups across the nation to share how they can transform their communities locally.


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