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Reclaim Your Connection to the Natural World

Filming a relationship with seagulls.

Filming a relationship with seagulls.

My Planet reclaims the way media talks about the environment by telling extraordinary and unusual stories about people healing through their contact with the natural world. Our message is designed to shift the conversation about the environment from one of guilt, blame and shame, to one of deep relationship, connection, and joy. Our stories are designed to be medicine for the soul, and a celebration of why our planet is an extraordinary place to live.

Hosted by Leah Lamb, these short online films traverse the urban and wilderness landscapes, exploring how people from all walks of life are thriving through their unique relationship to the natural world. Stories range from healing a broken heart by feeding the seagulls, to changing the inner-city landscapes of LA by using trees as acupressure points, to exploring how mushrooms can heal cancer.

These stories will surprise and delight and remind us why our planet is an extraordinary place to live.

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