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Reducing Trash Flowing to the Ocean

Reducing Trash In Our Ocean.

Reducing Trash In Our Ocean.

In 2011, The Baum Foundation worked to advance Global Alert: Floating Trash (Global Alert), a project in reaction to mass accumulation of floating trash and plastic debris in the worlds 5 Gyres. The Baum Foundation supported the project from its early inception to delivery of a beta web-tool designed to connect citizens, scientists and waste managers to reduce trash flowing to the ocean from our global waterways.

Global Alert provides a visual snapshot of aggregated trash, or “hotspots,” and connects people to local community stewards in their areas that will help them to take action to address these problem areas. Using mobile devices and web-based software, people can upload their debris data from rivers onto the website, making Global Alert an awareness and management tool to improve river groups and citizen scientists understanding about the critical link between rivers and ocean health. The projects focus is to drive sustainable change incrementally with the goal of reducing plastic waste.

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