Transforming Understanding, Motivating to Action

Bella Gaia at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

Bella Gaia at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

Bella Gaia’s unique performance reveals the intricate interconnectedness of our actions and Earth’s natural processes in an engaging and easily understood visual format. Bella Gaia translates complex scientific data and informs the public, policymakers and youth about diverse issues such as 1) why climate change occurs, 2) what the impacts to ecosystems look like over time, and 3) showcases what solutions can be implemented now. This enlightening presentation helps viewers become better informed citizens of the world leading to improved stewardship of our planet.

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BELLA GAIA’s project Hotspots to Hopespots, directed by award-winning filmmaker, music producer and classically trained violinist, Kenji Williams showcases visualizations that illuminate Hotspots and Hopespots around the globe. Selected images for the film came from a myriad of resources, including the UNEP Live portal which is based on research led by UNEP’s Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) and NASA.

BELLA GAIA is one of the most positive visual and synergistic “Earth View” performances and education programs in the world today.

BELLA GAIA was awarded a NASA grant in 2010 to integrate NASA’s emerging scientific data into BELLA GAIA for the Beautiful Earth Project that has been seen and shared in museums, universities and live public performances worldwide. Learn more about BELLA GAIA. View Press Downloads.

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