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The Baum Foundation’s Environmental Programs focus on creating and sustaining healthy environments and ecosystems in the face of local and global stresses in two key areas – Oceans and Climate Change & Biodiversity.

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Bioblitz Coíba!

Equipped with cameras, curiosity and experience, a team of more than two dozen experts – including scientists, conservation photographers and journalists – set out to capture the breadth of Isla Coíba’s biodiversity. Read more»

Ocean Doctor – Cuba, Conservation & Collaboration

Ocean Doctor works on a people-to-people approach to address the socioeconomic dimension of environmental issues in Cuba, engaging Cuban scientists and marine managers on an ongoing basis to expand sustainable development strategies and foster dialogue between the U.S. and Cuban leadership. Read more»

Sinyone Coast, by Hawk Rosales ©2013

Stewards of the Wild Sea – Part III of the MLPA Film Series

Educating the Public about the Marine Life Protection Act – California 2013 Stewards of the Wild Sea (2013)is the third film in a series made by Coyote Films and The Baum Foundation that illuminates the pioneering conservation efforts of the 

PCAP - offering climate change solutions.

Presidential Climate Action Project

The PCAP plan focuses on global climate change and offer solutions consisting of 10 key executive actions that the current Presidential Administration can act on as well as ideas we can implement locally. Read more»


The Future We Want

We believe there is enormous power in the sharing ideas to make the world better. The Future We Want is a global conversation to build the future through a positive vision for tomorrow. Read more»

Bella Gaia


BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Planet) is an astounding multi-media performance that delivers a transformative experience of Earth as seen from space, inspiring viewers to become active, involved stewards of the planet. Read more»

Reef Diagram

Reef Resilience 2: Building Resilience

In 2001, The Baum Foundation was the initial funder for a pilot program to provide marine managers the tools to address coral bleaching titled the Reef Resilience Toolkit developed by Dr. Rod Salm of the Nature Conservancy. Read more»

Reducing Trash In Our Ocean.

Global Alert: Floating Trash – See Share Solve

In 2011, The Baum Foundation supported the advancement of Global Alert: Floating Trash (Global Alert) in reaction to mass accumulation of floating trash and plastic debris in the worlds 6 Gyres. Read more»

Green Forest Works

Green Forests Work for Appalachia

Green Forest Works for Appalachia, created by the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI) aimed at putting American citizens “back to work,” to revitalize the economy in Appalachia and to provide multi-use forests. Read more»

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