Oil on Ice

Fate of the Gqwich’in Indian Wildlife Refuge – Alaska 2004

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most pristine and biologically productive places on earth. The Gwich’in Indian tribe calls it “the place where life begins,” as their people have always depended on the caribou for subsistence hunting.

Oil on Ice is a television documentary/Web DVD, released in 2004, that tells the story of the largest wildlife refuge in the United States and the native people whose survival depends on it. From the halls of Congress to the coastal plains and tribal villages of Alaska, Oil on Ice follows the grassroots efforts of the Gwich’in Indians to prevent oil drilling in their ancestral lands. An educational DVD was released in collaboration with Sierra Club Productions. The Baum Foundation provided a grant for production of the film.

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