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Mama Hope.

Mama Hope.

In northern Kenya the HIV/AIDS pandemic has exacerbated the effects of poverty, illiteracy, and frequent drought, leaving many children and adults living with AIDS and in need of homes or adult care. Village women in Kenya have come together to create Community Based Health Clinics to cope with the devastation caused by the AIDS epidemic.

In the village of Isiolo, the organization Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani (translation: Wind of Hope in the Arid or WOHA), is working to reduce HIV/AIDS infection rates, and to promote positive living for HIV/AIDS infected people, especially orphans and abandoned women and children. Recognizing the value of community-based responses to the AIDS epidemic, the Mama Hope Fund was established in 2007, with the full support of The Baum Foundation, to provide funding and resources for WOHA as a pilot project.

With the support of the Mama Hope Fund, WOHA added a laboratory on to its existing community clinic, which serves over 100 patients a day. The Mama Hope Program continues to thrive, visit their site here.

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