Machine in the Garden: A Pastoral

A Contemplative Garden for Youth 2009

Machine in the Garden.

Machine in the Garden.

Garden of Forking Path’s Machine in the Garden is an outdoor garden installation exploring how we see and understand nature. Completed in the spring of 2009, it is located at the Oxbow School of Art in Napa Valley, CA, home of celebrated art programs for high school students. The Garden was created as a series of outdoor rooms of increasingly ordered historic garden forms that ultimately lead to a view of undisturbed nature.



Through its design and sculptural elements the Garden fosters a deeper understanding of our place within nature by inspiring visitors to reflect on the historical and cultural forces that shape our concept of a natural environment. Oxbow School of Art faculty have integrated Machine in the Garden into the school’s science, art and literature curriculum using the Garden in a variety of innovative ways to gather people, while also functioning traditional garden.

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