Ocean GEMS – Go Explore Marine Science!
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The Baum Foundation’s Education Programs serve to increase human potential through support of the arts and the environment as a Catalyst and Inspiration, and with an emphasis on Social Justice, allowing individuals, groups and partners to transform themselves through learning.

Featured Ocean GEMS – Go Explore Marine Science! Programs

Ocean GEMS – Go Explore Marine Science!

What happens when a group of incredible marine scientists aim to inspire young people to follow their hearts and pursue their passion for the sea? Find out with Ocean GEMS, a multimedia series and outreach program that connects the rising 

Youth Meet Marine Science Mentors @ 2014 BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Students and Marine Science Mentors Talk Ocean “Dream Careers” Ocean GEMS pioneers a new digital forum series set to debut their first Live Hangout November 7, 2014 at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.  To create an 

California Redwoods.

Parks Divide

Parks Divide is a program that encourages people to enjoy the beauty of our California State Park System and support them remaining a public treasure for generations to come. Read more»

Eco Amazons

Eco Amazons

Eco Amazons brings together the women leading the charge to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all life on earth in a book featuring intimate interviews conducted by journalist Dorka Keehn and arresting images by award winning photographer Colin Finlay. Read more»

Rio Salto

RAVE – Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition

With support from the Baum Foundation, The Patagonian Foundation organized International League of Conservation Photography Photographers and Filmmakers to conduct a Rapid Area Visual Assessment of dams that are threatening Patagonia. Read more»

Machine in the Garden: A Pastoral

Garden of Forking Path’s Machine in the Garden is an outdoor garden installation exploring how we see and understand nature. Completed in the spring of 2009, it is located at the Oxbow School of Art in Napa Valley, CA. Read more»

Focus the Nation

Focus the Nation is working to coordinate teams of students at over a thousand colleges, universities, and K–12 schools throughout the U.S. to engage in a nationwide, interdisciplinary discussion about “Global Warming Solutions for America.” Read more»

Mama Hope

Mama Hope

Recognizing the value of community-based responses to the AIDS epidemic, the Mama Hope Fund was established in 2007, with the full support of The Baum Foundation, to provide funding and resources for WOHA as a pilot project. Read more»

Pursuit of Equality

Pursuit of Equality is an emotionally charged documentary film directed and produced by Geoff Callan and Mike Shaw that puts a face on American citizens who strive for marriage equality. Read more»

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