Baum Award for An Emerging American Photographer – 10th Anniversary

Sune Woods, "Landings", 2015 (mixed media collage)

Sune Woods, “Landings”, 2015 (mixed media collage)


In 2001, the Baum Award for an Emerging American Photographer was a gleam in the eye of its founders, Glenn and April Bucksbaum. The hope from the start was to have the award provide support to an emerging photographer at a critical point in their career when resources may be non-existent and visibility is crucial to success. The Baum Award is rooted in the belief that contributions artists make to our lives are essential to a healthy and vital society. Artists build connections among peoples across space and time, stimulate our imagination and illuminate the human experience. This was how The Baum Award was established, with the help and contributions of many people.

The Baum Award provides a $10,000 cash grant to the recipient as well as a fully executed exhibition. It aims to bring awareness to photography as an art form by celebrating the work of a talented and innovative photographer with each recipient. The award recognizes that emerging photographers require assistance and financial support as they launch their careers.  The goal of The Baum Award is to give artists the time and materials necessary for their ongoing creative work with the hope that by bringing the artists’ work to the public, their creativity can be sustained by the recognition they receive.

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The Baum Award has evolved over the years from the careful and diligent efforts of our partners, colleagues, curators, curatorial assistants and many volunteers. New nominators and jurors are selected each year. All have provided strong professional advice and implemented good ideas that have helped the award to evolve. In celebration of the 10th Baum Award for an Emerging American Photographer, special recognition goes to curators Nora Kabat Dolan, Heidi Zuckerman, Sharon Tanenbaum, Chuck Mobley and Heather Snider, who helped shape the award into a meaningful and affirmative experience for the recipients.

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