The Quechua People A Documentary Film


From “Ausangate”  Photo Credit Andrea Heckman.

The documentary film Ausangate tells the stories of the lives of the Quechua people who live around the sacred peak of Ausangate in Peru, as expressed through their textiles and rituals. Ausangate textile designs are not found elsewhere in the Andes; they have survived centuries of conquest, adapting with the influx of western culture but remaining at heart an unbroken tie to the world of the ancients.

The clothes that the Quechua people wear in ritual and in daily life incorporate the stories of their ancestral beliefs, their connection to the mountain, the land, their way of life, their animals, and their sense of the interrelatedness of all things. The film is available for educational purposes through Documentary Educational Resources (DER), and it has screened at film festivals around the world.

Directors: Tad Fettig and Andrea Heckman
Producers: Tad Fettig, Andrea Heckman, Judy Walgren

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