Since 2003, The Baum Foundation has worked to improve the quality of people’s lives by supporting programs in the arts, education and environment. The Baum Foundation mission is to support creativity in the arts, provide educational tools and opportunities for youth and put programs in place to protect, restore and sustain the environment. The Baum Foundation has worked globally to improve the health of the planet and the human condition by supporting programs that build awareness, shift public attitudes, and expand implementation of sustainable solutions for the environment.

For a list of all programs that we have supported over the years, please visit our Contributions page.

Fiscally Sponsored Programs
Each year The Baum Foundation selects programs for Fiscal Sponsorship in sync with the mission and goals of the foundation. The Baum Foundation fosters the development of these emerging programs, providing them with the support, mentoring and networking required to deliver comprehensive programs that can successfully implement their outcomes and goals to have a positive, effective and enduring impact on the world. The Baum Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for fiscal sponsorship.

Internship Program
The Baum Internship Program exposes an individual to a nonprofit setting and allows them to develop and strengthen professional skills in a work environment. Baum interns and volunteers will gain valuable hands on experience as they fulfill essential program duties to support and maintain the foundation’s high level of commitment to its quality programs. From this experience at The Baum Foundation, interns are uniquely positioned to take important next steps toward; building a successful career, continuing education and becoming responsible community leaders. Intern Objectives include: learning first-hand how a nonprofit operates, gaining valuable new experiences and skills, becoming fully engaged in program projects, providing valued skills from a fresh perspective. Learn more here.

The Baum Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. While we would like to support all the good and important work carried out by nonprofits, we review far more proposals than we can fund. We encourage you to apply to other foundations.

If you are invited to submit a proposal, we will send you the specific information on the goals of our grant-making program and requirements for submission. The focus of each of our program areas,  arts, education and environment are well articulated in their individual program sections on our website and include descriptions of the projects we have completed. Please review all materials carefully and submit your letter of inquiry or the proposal in the format we request.

The Baum Board of Directors and Officers
Glenn Bucksbaum, President (2003 – Present)
Glenn Bucksbaum’s professional background includes twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, representing buyers and sellers of institutional-grade real estate. Mr. Bucksbaum has served on the Board of Directors of the Berkeley Art Museum for the past 5 years. He has also worked closely with The Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Conservancy and many other conservation organizations on several projects focusing on healthy oceans and preservation of marine biodiversity. Glenn has led the organization to great success since 2003, building a strong foundation for programs that serve the public for the arts and ocean conservation.  Under his supervision, the foundation has advanced the work of organizations by providing them with the strategic support needed to deliver lasting and impactful solutions through their programs.

April Minnich-Bucksbaum, Vice President (2003 – Present)
April is a member of The Future We Want International Advisory Committee and Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Baum Foundation, serving programs in the arts, education and the environment. The Foundation invites cross-sector stakeholders to pool their science and education resources to spur action, using art as a catalyst to inspire stewardship of the planet. Baum Foundation highlights include: a partnership with UNEP RONA, supporting a successful program to plant 11 Billion trees worldwide and a US initiative, Green Forest Works, to plant 225 million trees on coal mined land in Appalachia and create Green Jobs in 6 states; partner on the 2009 United Nations Conference, COP-15 art exhibit with Millennium Art, CO2 CUBES—Visualize a Tonne of Change, designed to stimulate a better understanding of CO2 emissions and a public dialogue about what our individual CO2 footprint looks like; a leadership role on producing two educational documentaries about The Marine Life Protection Act, A Sheltered Sea and The Southern Passage, educating the public and stakeholders throughout California about the benefits of setting up a Network of Marine Protected Areas; and working as an advisory member of the Presidential Climate Action Project under the leadership of William Becker with a team of leading Americans to create a list of top climate priorities for the 2008 incoming US President, Barack Obama, to take action and steps towards reducing the impacts of Climate Change. April has served as a board member for several non-profit groups including: Just Think Foundation, OpNet, Bluewater Network, The San Francisco Girls Chorus, Mama Hope and Opus Novum. During her professional career, April co-founded and was Vice President of Marketing for the successful launch of three San Francisco based commercial film and interactive agency companies: Red Sky Films, Red Sky Interactive and Skyrocket. After the sale of Red Sky Interactive in 1995, to holding company Omnicom, April worked for KPMG Consulting (Bearing Point) as a Senior Manager in the Financial Services-Emerging Technology arena.

Jan D’Alessandro, Secretary (2003 – Present)
Jan is a seasoned internet industry executive, who runs business development for Yahoo! sports entertainment and lifestyles. Prior to joining Yahoo! she ran business development for Topspin Media, the leading direct to fan marketing and commerce platform for musicians. Before joining Topspin in September 2009, Jan served as Vice President, Business Development and General Counsel of The Find, Inc., the leading search engine for shopping, specializing in the lifestyle goods category and prior to that, Meez, Inc., a first generation avatar company that recently merged with Pulse Entertainment. Jan ran West Coast Business Affairs for AOL from 1995 to 2002. At AOL, her responsibilities included developing AOL’s music strategy, including the acquisitions of Spinner and Nullsoft, leading many content, commerce and technology deals, and launching the philanthropy portal, networkforgood.org. She has consulted for many Bay Area media and technology start ups and nonprofits, including Making Of, Brand Habit, Aware Media, Summer Search and the Just Think Foundation (now One Economy).

Elana Yonah Rosen, Treasurer (2007 – Present)
Cofounder of RISE (www.risebeyond.org), Elana Yonah has over 25 years experience in media, education and development. A former producer with KQED-TV, and a contributing writer for the Center for Investigative Reporting, Ms. Yonah was the co-creator of the international video-based magazine EDUTOPIA while serving as senior associate with the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Elana co-founded the US’s first national media education membership organization, the National Association for Media Literacy Education. In this capacity, she organized national leaders to author the Core Principles of Media Literacy Education. In 1995 she co-founded Just Think, and served as executive director until 2009 when Just Think merged with One Economy. In 2010, the merged organization secured $51.1M in ARRA funds for domestic activity. As Senior Advisor, Ms. Yonah contributed to One Global Economy’s international activities including Cisco’s $10M commitment to CGI in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to improve their lives via Community Knowledge Centers (CKCs). She received an Emmy nomination for the documentary, “Czeslaw Milosz: A Poet Remembers,” and is the co-author of the media literacy education guidebook, “Changing the World through Media Education.” She is a 2008 recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service and received the cable industry’s 2009 “Leader in Learning” award. Recent speaking includes OfComm’s International Media Literacy Research Forum, Dali Universe, London 2008 and Harvard’s first Innovation Summit, “Igniting Innovation: A Summit on Social Entrepreneurship,” 2010.