Program Spotlight
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    Patterns Project

    Ethnosphere + Biosphere

    Where are we from? Who are we connected to? How are we connected to the planet? In the Patterns Project these questions serve as a framework for large-scale visualizations and provocative sculptural installations presented across multi-disciplinary media.

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    Ocean Doctor

    Cuba, Conservation & Collaboration

    Ocean Doctor works on scientific and cultural levels to explore, restore, and sustain the ocean’s health through international partnerships and public education. Read More>>

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    Ocean GEMS

    Youth Meet Marine Science Mentors – LIVE Digital Forum @ 2014 BLUE Ocean Film Festival

    Ocean GEMS inspires young people to pursue their Dream Careers in marine science through digital forums and mentor programs. Read More>>



  • Sinkyone Coast, photo by Hawk Rosales ©2013


    Stewards of the Wild Sea

    2014 Blue Ocean Film Festival Finalist!

    The Stewards of the Wild Sea (2013) film has been announced as a finalist for best film in the category Conservation Innovation and Solutions for the 2014 Blue Ocean Film Festival that will take place November 3rd – 9th, 2014, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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    Sparking Presidential Climate Change Leadership

    The Presidential Climate Action Project is a bipartisan effort to deliver a plan that recommends specific actions to reverse the effects of global warming.
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  • Bella Gaia


    Bella Gaia

    A Poetic Vision from Space

    BELLA GAIA is a multi-media performance that delivers a transformative experience of Earth as seen from space, inspiring viewers to become active, involved stewards of the planet. Read more »

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    Baum Award

    Supporting Emerging Photographers

    The Baum Foundation and SF Camerawork are pleased to announce Eric William Carroll as the recipient of the 2012 Baum Award for Emerging American Photographers. Read more »

  • The Future We Want


    The Future We Want

    Vision of a Sustainable Future

    The Future We Want is a global initiative to share positive, sustainable visions of our future that can be implemented by 2030. Read more »

  • The Baum Foundation’s Arts Programs promote greater understanding and appreciation of the arts.
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  • The Baum Foundation’s Education Programs serve to increase human potential through improving basic education. Read more »

  • The Baum Foundation’s Environment Programs focus on creating healthy, sustainable ecosystems.
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Finding lasting solutions to the complex problems that plague our society requires a sustained and cooperative effort. For this reason, The Baum Foundation places great importance on working closely with other organizations toward common goals. By establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with other groups, The Baum Foundation is able to create mutually beneficial relationships that maximize the use of resources and increase the impact of the programs we support.

Below is a list of of our partners. We invite you to visit their websites.

Nature Conservancy Ocean Gate Foundation Cal Oceans UNEP Aspen Institute Presidential Climate Action Project Thank You Ocean Opus Novum Obscura Digital Meridian Health Foundation SF Camerawork ILCP